Welcome to Trance Jam Records, creative headquarters of longtime musical collaborators Sharon Knight and Winter. They describe their music as coming from “the Deep Within”, a place of rich mythical landscapes where the archetypes of dreaming humanity come alive.

 Here you will find the Celtic-inspired solo works from Sharon Knight’s vision of the Celtic Folk Soul, enhanced by Winter’s elegant contributions; as well as the earlier works of their band, Pandemonaeon, a World-Rock fusion project who’s deep organic trance grooves and ripping instrumental jams gave Trance Jam Records it’s name.

 With the addition of Paul Nordin to Trance Jam Records, you will soon find video creations here as well – a music video of Song of the Sea will be available within the year.

So be welcome here – may you enjoy what you find, and check back often, for, as Sharon says, “Our lives are dedicated to bringing beauty and passion to the world, and when we have done so, we offer it to you here.”
-Sharon, Paul, Winter


San Francisco . CA

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