Charged with the Celtic soul of songwriter/vocalist Sharon Knight, Pandemonaeon combines the influences of both traditional and popular musical styles to create an unusual blend of Middle-Eastern/Celtic rock. Inspired by the tribal-trance stylings of bands like Dead Can Dance, Pandemonaeon infuses their remarkable sound with high energy elements such as electric guitars, Uilleann pipes, electric violin, oud and mandocello, accompanied by Arabic and African rhythms. Guitarist Winter's blues background and fondness for 9th and suspended chords give a Zeppelin-esque flavor to their somewhat goth tribal mood.                    
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"Song of the Sea", Sharon Knight, 2004

"Temple of Dreams-Live!", Sharon Knight & Pandemonaeon, 2003

"Pandemonaeon", Sharon Knight & Pandemonaeon, 2001
"Incantation", Sharon Knight, 1996

"Song of the Sea", by Sharon Knight, 2004

  1. Star of the Sea
2. Phoenix from the Ashes
3. Lagan Love
4. The Well
5. Siren Moon
6. I Fall to my Knees
7. Captain Blackheart
8. King Willie
9. May Morning Dew
10. Brian O'Lynn/Pipe on the Hob
11. Song of the Sea

An otherworldly blend of Celtic traditional and original songs featuring soulful Celtic vocals and mythical themes, set in a lush instrumental tapestry of mandola, mandocello, violin, acoustic and electric guitar, Uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhran, keyboards, bass and drums. A highlight of this album is the 2 duets Sharon sings with Shay Black.

“The fierce and passionate spirit of the Celts has risen again, this time as San Francisco native, Sharon Knight!” Andy Donnelley, Ckua radio, Alberta, Canada

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"Temple of Dreams-Live!", by Sharon Knight & Pandemonaeon, 2003

1. Slow Aire
2. Ishtara & Reda
3. Joy to See Your Joy
4. Lamplight
5. Scent of Your Skin
6. You Are A Rose
7. Wishing Well
8. Kashlimar
9. Diamonds our of Dust
10. Word of Honor
11. Scarlet Visions
12. The Beauty Spot/Congress Reel

Recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco , this recording captures the electricity of a live Pandemonaeon show, and clearly demonstrates why Pandemonaeon has fondly been referred to as “music for bellydancers in combat boots”. The excitement & energy from both the band & the audience is very palpable throughout the 1 hour plus of music & mayhem & represents the band sound Sharon & Winter envisioned on their first CD. If you’re interested in what we mean by “Trance Jam”, this is it! Features master percussionist Reda Darwish, Gari Hegedus of Stellamara on violin and oud, and Uilleann piper Todd Denman.
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"Pandemonaeon", by Sharon Knight & Pandemonaeon, 2001


1. This Night I Ride
2. Lamplight
3. Serpentina
4. The Shimmering Sheen
5. Kashlimar
6. Black Snake
7. Sunny Simone
8. Word of Honor
9. Indian Whisper
10. Born to let our Brilliance Shine
11. Until Then

Pandemonaeon's self-titled debut album on Trance Jam Records reflects Sharon 's involvement with Middle-eastern dance and music. Winter easily adapted to the Eastern theme, infusing the songs with his own rock & blues style. This album has a raw, primal energy to it that is sometimes evocative of Dead can Dance. Dark and mystical, yet also celebratory, Sharon's lyrics suggest a fiercely passionate approach to life. A highlight of this album is “Born To Let Our Brilliance Shine”, which was inspired by Nelson Mandela's inaugural address.
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"Incantation", by Sharon Knight, 1996


1. Bardic Voices
2. Ravaged Ruins
3. Mother of the World
4. Lord Fenugreek
5. Bewitched
6. Black Jack Davy
7. Double Edged Sword
8. Berrywood Grove
9. 13 Knots
10. Faith

Sharon ’s debut , “Incantation” is her first foray into preserving Celtic traditional themes in a modern context. Incantation incorporates elements of rock, folk, & world music evocative of Jethro Tull, Loreena McKennitt, & Dead Can Dance. Her vivid poetic imagery & haunting voice are framed by acoustic & electric instruments, including guitar, mandolin, flutes & whistles, & assorted percussion.

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San Francisco . CA

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